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In my studio or on location I create what I envision or what my clients envision from highly polished stainless steel, carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, glass, plastic, resin, metals of all kinds and often, found objects or repurposed materials. Industrial elements are honed, welded, sanded, lasered, water jetted and manipulated, emerging as beautifully rendered furniture, railings, awnings, unique architectural elements and edgy, cleanly designed objets d’art.

Some of the creations you see on my site were collaboratively developed for clients but most of them I created because something caught my attention, inspired me and in true artistic form I just had to create it.

I use many modern technologies to create my pieces; in a way not unlike the familiar paint brush and palette or hammer and chisels, I find that inspiration and motivation are the real tools of the artist the medium and process is a matter of specialty.

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Following are a several examples of completed projects; I invite you to utilize the “Collections, Architectural and Commissions” options atop this page and view many more extraordinary creations perhaps some have a place in your concept and if you don’t see something that is just perfect then contact me and let’s design it together in no time it will be yours.